Hidden Download: JES4 or Messaging 2005q4

Or where do I download java_es_05Q4-ga1-solaris-x86-1-iso.zip, java_es_05Q4-ga1-solaris-x86-2-iso.zip, java_es_05Q4-ga1-solaris-sparc-1-iso.zip and java_es_05Q4-ga1-solaris-sparc-2-iso.zip?

Sun has released Java Enterprise System 5 (JES5), comprised of Messaging 6.3 and Directory 6.0. The upgrade from JES4 or Messaging and Directory 2005q4 is pretty well documented.

What Sun does not document is where an integrator like myself would download a copy of 2005q4 to test upgrades in preparation for upgrading for a customer.

Their all downloads page lists iPlanet 5.2 (the version before 2005q4) and Java Enterprise System 5 or JES5 (the version after 2005q4).

It turns out it’s available on bigadmin.

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