LTE: “Official Negotiations for CBA Begin”

October 11, 2007

Dear Editor:

Re: “Official Negotiations for CBA Begin” in Spirit Community Newspapers 10/4/2007

Your representation of the the casino “negotiations” taking place at the Hyatt is unbalanced. These negotiations are led by the developer and attended only by self-described pro-casino groups. You have also failed to mention that there were called in direct opposition to Fishtown Neighbors Association’s (FNA’s) request for time to obtain proper legal counsel.

There is nothing “formal” about these negotiations—they are a public relations stunt by Sugarhouse to lead us to believe their development has community support.

These “negotiations” are a clear attempt by the developer to move the casino development time line along with no regard for the community groups who truly represent the neighborhoods. NKCDC does not represent the community, they are a corporation. Fishtown Action (FACT), though it contains members of the Fishtown community, is a pro-casino advocacy group that has received funding from, held welcoming parties for and openly supports the very developer they are “negotiating” with.

Your story sounds like it comes from the public relations arm of Sugarhouse which would have you and the rest of the city believe they are honest brokers. Casinos are a corporate interest with one motive: profit. Make no mistake: they did not call negotiations with the interest of the community in mind, they are looking to open quickly in proximity to neighborhoods to make a profit.

True negotiations should be led by the community groups themselves on a time line that allows them to really address the needs of the community and not simply rush into a Community Benefits Agreement so the developer can accelerate their development time line.

Morgan Jones
Fishtown Resident

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