Foxwoods talks about resiting, Sugarhouse?

B shook me out of half sleep this morning to Paul Boni on the radio talking about Foxwoods and the casino issue. She’s new to the issue but knows Paul because he’s a friend. I arrived at work to a “Foxwoods says it will consider a new site” on the front page of the Metro.

The media is going crazy:
Daily News “[resiting is a] responsible idea”
Channel 3 (Note is use of “not a done deal”)
Inquirer “..intractable state and local opposition”
Phillynews blogs
Al Dia (translated)

How far we’ve come. Politicians are almost unanimously talking about resiting. One operator is talking about resiting. There is no doubt now that the neighborhoods don’t want it.

Sugarhouse, the casino in the North and the most vocal of the two in its determination to stay on its site isn’t likely to meet with law makers until after Labor Day.

It’s not over by a long shot. The naysayers are just dying to point out how hard resiting could be. Discussions of an open and transparent process at the press conference apparently killed the mood.. Resiting is going to be hard.

Not resiting is going to be worse: for us and for them. The opposition is not going anywhere, we live here.

Really it’s simple: re-site now and construction will begin. Stick to the sites and neighborhood opposition will remain. Act 71, the law that brought us gaming, allows for the operators to ask for new sites. The door is now open: law makers are willing to talk about new sites. There’s no time like the present: either the operators move willingly or we keep pushing until they’re forced to move.

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