Every time I travel to Oklahoma I am asked “are you going out to the midwest?” I generally correct the speaker but could never really put my finger on how to categorize it. It’s not the midwest: the accents have a twang that hints at southern. It’s not the South: no sweet tea. It’s not the West: they’re not earthy enough.

I was writing an old friend this week when it dawned on me: Oklahoma is prairie meets southern hospitality with no sweet tea and less soul food.

If you have been to the South proper (Mississippi, Tennessee, rural Georgia) you know they both love their sweet tea and distrust those that don’t drink it.. or worse those that suggest (as I do) that it’s as simple as simply adding sugar to warm tea.. which it is but I digress. This doesn’t happen in Oklahoma. They do however serve unsweet tea absolutely everywhere in Oklahoma.

You won’t get comfort food in Oklahoma but you do get an excess of beef. Oklahoma City is the home of the “World’s Largest Stockyards.” And they do love their beef. We’re talking about restaurants that serve chicken so there’s an option for vegetarians.

Oklahoma also has some intense open spaces. For instalnce turnpike exits where the closest towns are 25 miles in either direction and the next exit is 30+ miles. This is fine until you find yourself there at 7:30 in the morning on a motorcycle and realize your fuel light is on. The woman at the toll booth was at least very nice. If you’re looking for available homes around the area, then visit sites likeĀ landmark24.com/ourportfolio/. For more real estate informationĀ learn more by visiting this page.

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